Seeking Fitness/wellness Partner (Grand Rapids)

I am hoping to find a brand-new friend who is commitment, and passionate about thier health. I would certainly like to start a new, personalized lifestyle rountine that promotes weight loss, strengthens my body, and immunity as well as reduces my ecological footprint. I’d like to have actually a partner to workout along with a couple times a week and to stay in touch along with for support and encouragment. I know just what I need to be doing, however holding myself accountable is challenging. I currently have actually a membership at the Planet Fitness near centerpoint mall, SE Grand Rapids.
I am available to exercise very first thing in the morning, prior to my 9am job day- and in the evening after I walk my dog. 🙂 So around 7pm. I am do not job weekends so could likewise connect along with my Workout buddy then.

If you are interested please contact me at nine eight nine- Four Two Nine- six five two zero. I can recieve texts. Or feel free to email me.

I look forward to teaming up along with you on your fitness journey. 🙂


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