GET YOUR SEXY BACK! (Grand Rapids)

Do you want to ‘Get Your Sexy Back? Lose some weight? Gain some lean sexy muscle? Get healthy? Look and feel much better than you ever have actually before? Live longer? Help other people?

I am a Certified Nutritional Consultant and additionally have actually a certification in Body Chemistry (Blue Heron Academy). I’m looking for partners that are interested in enhancing their own health along along with the health of others through healthy nutrition, exercise and education. Also, to join me in a mission/challenge to help fight adult and child obesity (the largest epidemic in the world) and through this mission be able to help children that need to be fed healthy meals!

This is something I’m pretty passionate about and am looking for partners that are additionally interested in their own health, the health of others and fighting the largest epidemic in the world

If interested, please contact me by responding through here or my contact number and leave me your name, phone # and email. I will respond along with more information!

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