I’ll get into my story more later but for now I just want to talk about my exercise today.

I’ve been very, very lazy over the last several years and about 5-6 weeks ago I got a brand-new bike. I started off slow, left it just lying there most of the time for a few days, but lately I’ve been biking to and from work every weekday and as of a week or two ago at least a couple times a week I will ride somewhere else after work.

Work is about 3km (~1.85mi) from my house and when I first started biking in to work I felt like I was going to puke by the time I arrived. I was panting and could not even speak to my coworkers for a while after arriving.

Today I worked from house and I kept telling myself throughout the day "gotta get my ride in!" but I was lazy and did go for a nice walk late today and so I kept putting it off. Fortunately I have actually lights and a helmet for my bike (though, I think I need to get much brighter ones, now) and by the time 11pm rolled around I said "fuck it, gotta go now or else I won’t." It definitely helped that I was reading the front page/JSF blog today and in the Random Old Blogs section, this one came up:…ransformation/


People sometimes ask me, “Do you ever not feel like working out?” Of course. There are lots of times when I don’t feel like training. Sometimes I’m wrapped up in work, sometimes I’d rather screw around on the Internet and sometimes I just feel like a lazy bum. The follow-up question is always the same: “Well, what do you do when you don’t feel like working out.” My answer is simple: “I work out anyway.” Something I’ve noticed about myself is that I enjoy rising to the occasion and overcoming obstacles. It’s satisfying. It makes me feel good–like, really good–when I’m done. We’re all hardwired that way, but we’ve become conditioned to to take the path of least resistance when we can. So, to me, that’s what the term “digging deep” means: getting past your conditioned response so you can tap into your more primordial self. Working out when you feel like it is easy; Anyone can do that. Working out when you’d much rather be doing something else is far more challenging, but the rewards are worth it. It’s that knowledge that spurs me forward.

Anyway – that’s way more context than I wanted to write – but 11pm rolled around, and I said fuck it, got on the bike and because I don’t know lots of good bike routes yet, I just rode over to work. And then I rode back. And it was fucking easy!!! Well, at least not nearly vomit inducing, anyway!

Felt so good, man. I think I definitely feel safer riding in the daytime when I can see what I’m doing better, and I think I’d prefer to do a workout earlier than later, but hell, I got it done.

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