HIIT Heavy Bag for Cardio/Fat Loss

Hey guys,

Just wanted your thoughts and opinion on something. Basically I’m 27 and around 6 ft and 230…so I need to lose about 50 lbs or so…back a few years ago I used these forums and was all the way down to 175 and in the most effective shape of my life…however ever since I stepped into the corporate globe of working sedentary 11-12 hours a day I have actually gained most of it back.

I have actually joined one of those 24 hour fitness gyms however I always get discouraged because A) I feel like I never have actually the time along with my work schedule and B) I don’t enjoy weight lifting right now since I am so from shape

I did the cardio at night for about a month however it was fairly boring.

What I’m thinking of doing is getting a heavy bag stand and a 100 lb heavy bag along with some gloves and doing HIIT 3 min rounds and 1 min rest for an hour in the morning before work.

I enjoy boxing fairly much and I really think it will be a lot more fun to me than just running.

I’m not asking if it is the most effective method of weight loss…however I just want to know if it will be a decent form of cutting combined along with a good diiet.

Anyone ever try that before?

Eventually I will incorporate weights when I get down under 200 to add muscle however I just want something fun that I will look forward to because along with my work schedule its hard to find the motivation to do activities I don’t enjoy.

Any fault in the reasoning? I would certainly appreciate any feedback or opinions. Especially for people who have actually tried this before.

Thanks all and I look forward to learning from you guys again and getting back in shape.

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