How to Get Bigger Arms?

Every one of us wants to have actually the arms which can turn heads. But this is something which is difficult to achieve. Hard gainers will have actually to invest a lot more time and dedication in order to achieve the desired look. Actually, the main reason of failure in achieving bigger arms is that they train in the wrong way. This is a general conception that if you want to increase your muscle size, you have actually to lift heavy weights. This is the right, but does not apply to the small muscles also because lifting heavy weights will not benefit them. Suppose you do heavy curls, they are dangerous for an elbow joint and will not help you in achieving bigger biceps here.

Bigger Arms

When you want to achieve big arms, then it is most important to include heavy exercises in your exercise regime. Perform compound exercises to utilize the lats and scaps. When you will do these muscles, biceps will also be stimulated by these exercises.

So rather than performing heavy bicep curls, you can opt for heavy bent over rows along with 5 to 7 repetitions and take a little pause at the peak contraction. In the same context the very best exercises for triceps is a full range of upright dips along with 5 to 7 repetitions and do for 4-5 sets of this exercise. While doing these exercises I have actually seen that most of the people are facing difficulty in performing the finish range of motion. This could be due to the stiffness in their body or tightness. That is the reason why a bodybuilder must do through warm-up exercises before holding the weights; this will also avoid the muscle injury here.

Isolation Exercises

Most of the people prefer doing isolation exercises for the biceps. They concentrate more on what they feel is right. That is the reason while doing bodybuilding; you have actually to leave your ego at the door. Do the exercises along with 70% to 75% of your maximum intensity and focus on the last repetitions of the exercise. Perform the movements in a controlled format and contract the targeted muscle when you reach at the peak point.

When you slow down the repetitions, this will increase the intensity level and time. The time under tension (TUT) factor which is responsible to increase the size of a muscle. In order to pump more blood into your muscle, you have actually to finish the moment in 30 seconds to 90 seconds. This is also called the hypertrophy set. The more tension you are going to generate in your muscles, the better they will become. Apply this technique rather than increasing the weight.

If you want to increase your grip strength, hold heavy dumbbells and walk. They also call it farmer’s walk. You can aim to hold it for 30 seconds or more along with as much weight as possible.

It is dangerous to perform wrist curls along with heavy weights, concentrate more on increasing the grip strength. Consistency and dedication will pay you. Remain stick to your exercise schedule and you will gain what you want in the due amount of time.

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