Michigna Fire Jr’s – Free Youth Soccer Training Session

Come along for to learn about the club and for a free training session

Fire Open Home — Free Training Session

This pre-season we are offering a FIRE open Home with a free training session on June 10th and 11th. This will be a training opportunity with next years coaching lineup as well as a opportunity to learn about the exciting opportunities that the club has actually to offer. Alongside this we will be also planning to have actually a cook out for parents to have actually a ‘bite to eat’ whilst chatting with coaches and parents.

-Michigan Fire Juniors:

The Michigan Fire Juniors (MFJ) offers a wide range of user centered options around each player’s finish development. MFJ has actually developed some of the most comprehensive technical programs in the United States highlighted by our TOTAL Technical Hour that is recognized by the NSCAA as a National Top 10 Best practice. This program offers U9-U12 MFJ users the opportunity to enhance their technical skills at NO additional fee. We are also a part of the MSYSA Director’s Academy, which is a statewide program for U11 and U12’s who aspire to play at the highest levels also, in our U13-U17s age groups we also have actually a program in which the top 6 users will go to Chicago for ID Academy programs.

June 10th (Location 28th Avenue Complex)

5:30pm – 7pm

U11DA Girls
U12DA Girls
U13 Premier Girls
U14 Premier Girls
7pm – 8:30pm

U15 Premier Girls
U16 Premier Girls
U17 Premier Girls
U18 Premier Girls
U17 Premier Boys

June 11th (Location 28th Avenue Complex)

5:30pm – 7pm

U11DA Boys
U12DA Boys
U13 Premier Boys
U14 Premier Boys
U15 Premier Boys
7pm – 8:30pm

U14 MRL Boys
U15 MRL Boys
U16 Premier Boys
U17 Premier Boys
U17 Premier Boys
U18 Premier Boys

Come along and join in and learn more about all the good stuff that is going on at Michigan Fire Juniors!


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