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Hey Guys!

Sorting through some old files on harddrives, i found something i did in 2013, before John´s bodyspace was launched.

Being ‘a little bit’ into statistics at that time, back then i tried to make something like an online progress tracking website. Turned out i had no idea of programming etc., so the project was scrapped fairly soon. However, the basic idea remains useful.

The idea was to put all the data you collect on a large wall to provide you the ‘big picture’ at a glance. Tape measurements, bodyfat percentages, weight, calories P/F/C splits, 1RMs etc., all put with each other to provide an overview how everything is interrelated. My excel spreadsheets soon go overwhelmed by the amount of data and the diagrams, so i built a simple .html-page to visualize everything.

Anyway, the project died long ago, yet helped motivating me to stick to my training an nutrition. Maybe anyone can make use some of those ideas, so i am just putting them out here.

finest regards

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