Team John “Overweight to Great”

April 25th brand-new gym brand-new attitude!
Bp 4×5, 5×4@185lbs
Seated ohp 3×5 @135lbs
Tri pd 2×3 whole stack 95lbs
3 mile walk

April 30th
Bp incline @4 1×5 feeling heavy 2×4, 2×3 @185lbs.
Backing off to 135lbs 1×8
Front squat to ohp 2×5 95lbs
Seated ohp @135lbs 2×5
3 mile walk

May 1st
Attack the back
No plan just freestyle workout until I can’t pull anymore
Forgot my phone and didn’t log today
3 mile walk

May 2nd
Smith box squats 5×5 @155lbs getting used to smith.
Bp incline @3 @135 3×10, 4×9, 5×8
Smith standing ohp @135lbs 1×5, 2×5, 3×4 form was weak.
seated ohp @140lbs 5×5
Tri pd 3×5 @80.5
Ab crunch machine one set didnt want to push it yet.
3 mile walk

May 8th
Abs sore from yesterday, lol, 1 set of 5 :doh:
Smith boxsquats 3×5@185 4×5@ 195 5×5@ 205lbs feels good!
Introduced the back to 225lb squats.
Dl 1×5@185lbs, 1×5@225lbs
Bbr 5×5 @135lbs
Close grip lat pulldowns 1×5@100
1×5@120,1×5@140, 1×5@160 bad form.
B dbr walk the rack 1×5 @45-55lb 1×5@50-60lb
Walk the planks 1×3 fuckin hard
5 sets of ab job to failure
3 mile walk

May 9th CHEST
Abs so sore! Back feeling good!
BP PARTIALS 3/4 to lockout @225lbs
Got up to 240lb singles all partials from 3/4 to lockout
Seated ohp 3×5@130lbs
Felt good to have actually 225lbs on the bar, always had a life long plateau at 220lbs I believe I am gonna push past this here! Pretty excited about this.
3 mile walk

mentally not in it, however i walked here so….
Squats 1×5@185lbs heavy
1×5@190lbs 1×3@190lbs left knee started trippin. Backed off to 185lbs knee hurting not taking chances calling it a day for squats
BBr 1×5@145lbs
close grip lat pd 4×5@140lbs
Seated cable rows wide grip 2×5 @120lbs 1×5@140lbs 2×5@140lbs close grip
Ab crunches 5 sets last 2 for 10 reps alternating along with seated cable rows.
100 steps on stair master
3 mile walk

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