Cuff (clips?) on the bench press barbell?

Hello all, been a hell of a long time. Been through some rough times health wise, and after well over a year I’m slowly getting back into the gym again.

However, the gym I’m at is horribly dangerous. Almost no room between barbells and equipment in the free weight area. Numerous small accidents, and fairly careless behavior of dipshits walking into moving barbells. Stepping over the knees and legs (along with weights) while people are doing benches, and generally careless behavior.

Now the gym is enforcing a brand-new rule to cuff the bench press barbell. Claiming that if somebody bumps into barbell, or passing next to the barbell, that it will keep the weights on the bar from falling on top of them.

Now, I’ve heard of advice that you do NOT want to collar(?) the bar for the bench press, since it allows you to drop the weight in case of emergencies. The staff is even claiming that if people bump into the bar, it’s no big deal. Saying that Gold’s Gym cuffs the bar, and that anyone will help if there is an accident. I want to be able to drop the weight in case some idiot runs into me (again) and I lose control of the weight as I get higher up again in the future.

This fucking scares me, and going to the gym has actually scared me for a while, yet there really are not other options in the area or price range for me.

I am no pro, and I would certainly really like to know the safety and actual understood rules regarding this. Could somebody let me know the lowdown on this?

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