Bike tire suggestion help

Hopefully somebody knowledgeable in bike tires won’t mind helping me out. I use my bike just to ride to and from the gym, 2 miles one way. It’s a used montague folding bike that I got for free a few years ago. I am quite sure it is this bike here:…bike-2007.html

The tires are really worn, practically bald in the middle. I got a flat last week, when a piece of glass pierced right through the middle. So I believe I can just replace the outer rubber part? The tires on there now, say kenda kwick 26 x 1.7 k-879-02 and it additionally says "to fit HB-575 rim". They are likely the tires that came along with the bike.

I’ve searched around and I can’t really find this same size, most likely just what I find is tires that are size 26 X 1.95 or larger.

Is this an strange size tire? Can I get a 1.95 tire and would certainly it fit? I looked at the rims, yet they don’t really say anything on them that would certainly give the size tire.

Lastly the road I ride along is littered along with debris as it passes multiple construction sites, so I would certainly not mind going along with a fatter tire if I could.

Any advice would certainly be great. Thanks.

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