tennis – let’s go out and hit (rally) (Grand Rapids)

looking for a person who just likes to go out and hit. i’m decent at returning, getting it over the net, placing it where i want it to go, yet i don’t hit super hard. people i’ve rallied along with have actually been better than i, yet they benefit by being able to stand fairly much where they are and plan their next shot, so they end up doing better in games versus others after we rally a lot. i find, if you rally instead of playing games & keeping score, you get way more hits per hour & a better workout, cuz you’re not stopping / starting all the time. if it’s out yet you can get to it, hit it and keep going. if you’re winded because you’ve been running a lot, let it bounce twice, then hit it and keep going.

i’m open each weekday from 6 p.m. on, and any time on any weekend, from early morning on.
i live in wyoming (near 36th and 131), yet afternoons, i work in grandville, and the grandville high school courts are ideal (a ton of courts that are in good shape — you never have actually to worry about all the courts being taken when you get there).

looking for males who already know how to play / hit (not beginners). if you’re on a higher school team & want more hitting practice, cool. i’m there for ya. if you are into serving hard & seeing if you can get it past me, i’m probably not what you’re looking for, cuz you probably can, and doing so would certainly definitely cut down the rally length & hits per hour, so … not what i’m looking for, either.

i can move fairly well around the court & usually have actually good endurance … and like longer sessions instead of shorter ones.

lemme know. let’s give it a try. if it doesn’t work out, oh, well. if it does, we can get in a lot of hitting over the summer. i’ve got a brand-new (well, brand-new to me) Head Titanium racket that is dying for some court time. 😉

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