You have to work for it

Well hello there JSF, long time no see. My last post: 4.5 years ago :blank: :whistle:

Starting over after 5 years growing up, having kids, climbing the ladder, etc. I’ve done a variety of exercising on and off over that time frame however not consistently along with a heavy travel schedule (80%+). Done taking a trip for the most section now, starting a brand-new job along with brand-new challenges and brand-new stability in 2 weeks (4/20). And now it’s time to grab back to where I like to be, mentally & physically.

Starting weight: 153# bf%: 100; muscle mass: zero
Short term goal: drop to 140# doing cardio/bw/light weight exercise
Long term goal: back to 155-160# like I was 5 years ago.

Day 1:

Calories: 1500
Food: cereal & 1%, bagel & tuna salad, tilapia, broccoli & rice, wasabi & soy sauce almonds (1 serving)

10 mins "jump rope" (10 mins was ambitious)

3 sets of:
5 pullups (rings)
10 pushups
10 abmat crunches (10, 10, 3—cramped)

feel like I’m dying. see you tomorrow. :tu:

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