First cycling event completed!

Happy to report that I’ve knocked out my initial cycling event on Saturday! A buddy suggested that we sign up for the ride after we got rained out last fall for a century ride. The routes offered were between a 10 mile "fun ride" and an 85 mile ride through the rolling hills of south central Texas in the LBJ state park. We started on the 85 mile route along with a beautiful, cloudless day and mild temps. Only 10 miles in my buddy’s bike flats and we spend the next 15 mins as his initial tube blows out on inflation and he discovers his rim tape isn’t staying put. along with his only spare tube installed he rolled ahead and stopped at the next rest stop to find a mechanic to help correct the problem.

I found myself rolling on the rest of the ride yet like all other riders was facing tough cross and head winds along along with the climbs. I felt strong and powered on yet was concerned about the return trip. I finally reached the point where I had to commit to the 85 mile ride or could divert and finish a metric century 62 miler. I was already feeling the fatigue from that wind and decided to make the switch. Boy, was I glad that I did – the route back was mostly into the wind along with many long climbs. I made sure I was consuming enough Gatorade, water and food along the way to keep my energy up. When I finally rolled in I found that I managed just over 18 mph avg speed which I felt was doing really well for my level of ability. My buddy was cooling his heels as he finished the 42 mile route ahead of me.

I am undoubtedly looking forward to my next cycling event and getting to the point of being ready to finish my initial century ride! Thanks for all of your tips in your weekly articles John – they really helped a lot! :tu:

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