Chameleon rambles again ;)

Hi all :wave: it’s been about 3 years since I posted 😮 and it’s been about that long since I really pushed for real training… I hit a major low after my last competition… we had to move, my commute to work is now 45 minutes each way 🙁 and I let that effect my mood… and somewhere along the way I forgot that fitness picks you up… so I sat around when I wasn’t working and played on my tablet, playing silly games instead of moving… I’m back to 159 lbs… I’m only 5’2.5" so that’s a bit too much… the last few months I have actually been doing a lot of cardio, but not much else.. and I haven’t cleaned up my diet… so, predictably, I didn’t see any changes…. this past week I picked up my workout journal and went down to my house gym… I have actually a treadmill that goes to a 10% incline, a dumbbell system that goes from the empty handles at 10 lbs each up to 50 lbs each, several bands, a pull up bar, the Tower 2000 door mounted system, a suspension trainer like the TRX system (from Amazon.. Trainer in a bag), P90X DVD’s, a jump rope and many space to play outside, I need to start using it all… we also have actually an XBox now and I really like some of the free workouts, but Roger’s been playing games a lot so I don’t get much XBox access :p

I’m working for Take5 Massage, a chair massage event company in Orlando, I’m working 20 hours a week doing that, sometimes more and I make residence calls for table massage. This has, on occasion, been my excuse for not working out.. but it needs to be my reason to workout. I have actually clients that comment that doing deep tissue massage as much as I do, that I must not need to workout, but that’s just not true… as anyone that’s worked out knows, without adding weight and intensity you don’t make gains… I’ve been doing the same type of massage for 6 years now… I’m not getting any gains from working :nono: I need to lift again :bb:… I wish I had a squat rack and an Olympic bar and plates, that would certainly finish my house gym nicely.. but right now I don’t have actually room for that, so I’m making due along with what I have actually for now… at some point I may have actually to pay for a gym membership to have actually access to a squat rack, it’s nice to not have actually to pay though :tucool:

next I need to clean up my diet, I’ve been much better lately, but I’m still eating things I know I shouldn’t… it’s about time to pay attention to macro’s again :eek:… or at least make better choices :madpimp:

I’m adding a lot of plyometrics to my workouts… I forgot how much energy it takes to jump rope… and I’m doing a LOT of jumping jacks to get my cardio in and keep my heart-rate up, ala HIIT training, and hitting the weights as hard as my muscles will let me 😉 I’m going to try and not weigh myself more than once a week… it’s not just about weight, it’s about being strong so I can work harder and longer as a massage therapist, it’s about feeling better, looking better and feeling better… and yes I know I repeated myself 😀

so.. starting stats:
Age: 41
Height: 5′ 2.5"
Weight: 159.5 lbs

I didn’t do measurements and I don’t know if I will… maybe tomorrow.

this journal will be a place for me to spill my everyday BS and post my workouts.. and possibly my nutrition.. it’s nice to be back on the JSF board :claphigh:

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