Results after 5 weeks, pics included.

So these are the results I’ve had over the last 5 weeks. Started Feb 1 – March 7th. My food and training is based on the LeanGains approach by Martin Berkhan. I recommend his site.


  • High protein everyday. (200 g)
    Lifting days: Reasonable fat, high carb -starchy, mostly cereal. (130 – 180 g C, 20 – 30 g Fat);
    Non-lifting days: Reasonable carbs (incidental starches, mostly veg), moderate fats (<50 g C, 60 g F)

3x per week (1 hour per session, 2 sets, RPT); zero cardio. Mostly compound, barbell movements.

My activity level is quite sedentary. I’m at a desk all day.

I would certainly consider myself untrained, so a lot of the gains are from that. I consider the lean tissue to be a little high b/c I had carbs the night before (probably around 1-3 lbs water)

20 grams Xtend pre-workout (I workout fasted, not having eating anything for about 16 hours beforehand).
Vitamin D
Fish Oils
Magnesium (helps keep things flowing)
Multi from Costco

Wanted to thank John & the JSF community all these years. Chance this data set could be useful.

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