FREE Overnight, Vision Correcting Contact lens Screening (Rockford)

Do you want to rid yourself of glasses however are concerned about laser surgery? Try Orthokeratology lenses. They are rigid contact lenses that act like a retainer does for your teeth. They correct your vision while you sleep! Once you wake up, remove the lenses and delight in clear, sharp vision all day long without wearing glasses or contacts.

Can’t wear contact lenses because your eyes are too red, irritated or dry? along with Orthokeratology you are lens free all day allowing your eyes to be whiter, younger looking and healthier which results in no dry eye discomfort.

For more guide and a complimentary screening to see if you are a candidate for Orthokeratology, email or call ROCKFORD FAMILY EYECARE: show contact info Additionally check us out on our website at

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