Youtube Filming Partner (grand rapids)

This is your opportunity to start a youtube channel along with a partner who genuinely has actually a passion for film. If you are interested in starting a fun, youtube prank channel, then this is for you. To get to know me a little bit, I am a young guy who has actually always had a passion for film and making people laugh, but never had the time or resources to do anything along with my hobby. Now I want to get from my comfort zone, meet brand-new people, and have actually fun.

There are no requirements, you can be any age, race, gender, etc. You likewise do NOT need any experience along with a camera or anything film related at all. (I have actually all the equipment needed, 1 HD camera, go pro hero 3+, tripod, computer to edit videos etc.) All I am looking for is a person who wants to have actually fun and maybe learn a thing or two about filming or youtube.

If you are at all interested, I would certainly love to meet up along with you. My name is Cal and you can feel free to call/text me at show contact info I am really flexible, so whatever works along with your schedule, I will be able to make it work along with mine. If I do not answer right away, it is probably because I am at work. Just leave me a message and I’ll be sure to contact you back.
Looking forward to working along with you


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