Feel Young, Stay Young & Enjoy Life

What will life have actually in-store for you after you retire? Unlike the game, Life, which ends at retirement, life after 55 holds so numerous brand-new and exciting possibilities. You can go see the world, remodel your home, spend some of that long-saved retirement money, etc. There are so numerous options, along with so numerous possibilities. Make sure you can fully enjoy everything life has actually to offer after you’ve turned 55. Feel sprite, while having your health backed by ADT, the number one security company in North America.

Even after 55 years of age, the unexpected can still occur: a residence fire (senior citizens account for 32%); carbon monoxide poisoning; burglary; identity theft. numerous retirees remodel their homes because some of the simplest accidents—slipping in the shower or down a flight of stairs—can have actually substantially bad outcomes.

ADT’s innovative two-way voice control allows you to directly communicate along with us—regardless of your specific circumstance. We’ll contact the appropriate emergency department to assist you right away. If you are unable to move, ADT additionally provides a medical alert system along with fall detection. ADT Direct Security can help you prevent any number of potential dangers from happening—both to you and to your home.

Life After RetirementLife After Retirement

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