Planet Fitness Workout Partner (Grandville)

So as of 2015 I’ve been going to Planet Fitness a few times a week in Grandville. It appears everyone I know goes to the one on the Beltline or Plainfield. However, my membership is exclusive to the Grandville location only.

I usually spend time doing cardio, then the weight machines. However, I’m always paranoid as I don’t even know how to use half the machines, and I’m too afraid to just sit and read and chance I don’t look foolish, so I stick to the few machines I know. Heaven forbid the employees do anything yet hang out and talk behind the counter.

I’d love to find a workout partner, male or female, any age, any experience, as none of that is really relevant. yet I realize most people have actually secret motives, and because, to some of you it will matter, I’m a male. I stay active, yet as I stated, I’m brand-new to working out.

So if you too need somebody to help keep you on a healthy path, or just want somebody to talk to, or look foolish along with you on the machines, let me know.

Thank you.

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