LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – Top, Support Players WANTED for ranked team!!! (grand rapids)

My name is Justin. I am putting together a ranked League team with my roommate. I am team captain, team Coach, in game shot caller, and the team’s acting Jungler. I have several friends that play League, some of whom are up to my level but most just aren’t quite there yet so I am looking for motivated, positive, enjoyable users that are looking for a constructive group environment to test each other’s skills and push each other to get better as players.

We are not perfect or professional users by any means. Nor do we claim to be. We DO have several skills and extensive knowledge about the game however. We are not looking to take on someone brand brand-new to the game, but we would certainly love to play some solo que with you if you are knew. We have no problem teaching you anything you’d like to know.

For more serious players, we practice at my house, and we already have…
Jungler – Justin
Mid – Paul
ADC – Dominic

If you are looking to try out, you must be/have…
-Summoner level = 30
-18+ years of age
-Proficient TOP or SUPPORT player
-A team player
-Open to giving AND receiving constructive criticism
-Preferably able to come over and LAN or at least have communication availability while playing
-Somewhat flexible schedule (we know people have jobs, school etc etc)
-Able to listen to one cohesive shot calling system in game. “It’s better to have everyone follow one bad call than no one follow any call at all”
-Internet at your residence to practice on our off days
-Willing to adapt to brand-new patches quickly
-Constructive/Positive/Uplifting attitude
-Willing to watch LCS games frequently either as a group or at home
-Willing to have group discussions to talk about/resolve problems, theory craft, lay out game plans.

I made a small survey for you to fill out and e-mail me, just so I can get to know yo a little better as a player. My e-mail is ” show contact info

NOTE: We do not care one bit about your current/previous ranking. Personally we believe the current ranking system is a bit unfair. Your ranked outcome is determine largely on who the system pairs you up with during your provisionals and how good/bad those random people are at the game/following directives. It is scarcely reflecting of how a user can/does truly perform in an organized team setting. CASE IN POINT. I lost all 10 out of 10 of my games. I had a personal average score of 12-3-9. I had an average of 8.4 cs per minute. and I had an average of 79% kill participation. that’s not counting towers/wards/dragons etc etc etc. So don’t worry if you got placed lower than gold and think “God know one will want me now” that is just simply not true. As long as you have the drive to grow/learn you may have a place with us. 😀

-What is your first name?
-What lane are you looking to fill, Top or Support?
-What is your summoner name?
-What are your top 5 Top or Support champions?
-Why are they your best champions/what makes you so good with them?
-How long have you been playing League of Legends?
-What are 2 of your biggest weaknesses in game? (things you know you need to/and are looking to improve on)
-What are the 3 biggest factors than win games?

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