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Hello 🙂

I’m back yet again.. only this time this is really going to work out and be the permanent lifestyle change I’ve been wanting, so I’ve opened a brand-new journal. And so far, so good. I’m only a week into this so I know this is early days yet but everything’s going well and I feel that mentally everything has actually clicked into place.

I got to my heaviest (140 lb) so I knew something definitely had to be done about it. I tried to get started around the beginning of the brand-new year really but I struggled to stick along with both the diet and the exercise.. anyway things are finally on track now.

Basically I’m counting calories this time.. the attempts over the last few years were just vague plans of fat loss by choosing healthier food options, smaller portions, a little exercise here and there etc.. just random ideas but without registering how numerous calories I was taking in, anyway that didn’t work out too well.

I’m back on along with the weightlifting, only this time I’m doing my lifts in a more controlled way.. slower and more focused on form, and along with the intention of incrementally increasing.. something I was still a little reluctant to do previously despite knowing it was the way forward.

The cardio adverse of things hasn’t really happened yet. I don’t think this weather helps, but this is something that I do intend to do in the not too distant future as I’m concerned about heart and lung health too, as well as my circulation.

I’m additionally in the process of quitting coke zero. I haven’t gone cold turkey but I’ve been mixing it half and half along with water… yeah I know that’s kinda weird but *shrugs.. it appears to be working for me 🙂 The difficulty is that I don’t drink tea or coffee or any other hot drinks.. so it’s really only ever been water, coke zero, cordial, juice or alcohol.

So far I’ve lost 2 lbs, and a little off my bust, arms, tummy and calves. I’m additionally planning on doing this the slow and constant way as I want to avoid saggy skin if possible as I’m not getting any younger.

My goals aren’t properly defined yet but I do have actually a few ideas:
120~ lbs
getting strong and lean
about 18%-20% body fat
having noticeable abs
enhancing heart and lung health
enhancing circulation
cutting out the coke zero
moderating alcohol.
..I’ll work on breaking these goals down.

Thanks for reading this.

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