Career Opportunities for Nutritional Science Majors

Nutritional science is the science of how foods affect and contribute an individual’s body and health. If you’ve earned your degree in nutritional science you have a strong understanding on how food and nutrients affect the human body, but at this point you might be wondering what you can do with a nutritional science degree. You might be looking into a job in the health or health education industries, but there are also a number of other options available to you including jobs in creative and scientific industries.

If you’re having a hard time deciding on a career choice now that you’ve completed your nutritional science degree consider your other interests and preferences, and choose a career that aligns with those interests. Here are some popular job options available based on different profiles of graduate.

Social Interests

If you’re the type of person who enjoys working with people through education, training, healing, or helping in general you’re considered to have social interests.

A dietician is one of the more popular and mainstream options for those holding a nutritional science degree. In this career you’ll be creating nutrition plans for patients. Some of these patients might have medical conditions like diabetes or high blood pressure while other patients might just be looking for help creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. You can also find work creating hospital food nutrition plans for inpatients. Note that dieticians usually have to pass a certification exam after they earn their degree in order to work as a registered dietician. Take a look at the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics to find out more.

Some other nutritional science careers that would appeal to you are wellness instructor, nutrition educator, and nutrition therapist.

Investigative Interests

If you enjoy analyzing data, observing and learning, and solving problems you’re considered to have investigative interests. In this case you’ll probably enjoy a more technical career where you’ll be more involved in the scientific aspect of nutrition.

An example of an investigative interest career in nutritional science is a formulations scientist. In this position you can develop formulations for things like cosmetics, over-the-counter-treatments, and similar items. You may also have to write reports on established products and ensure that they meet regulations and health requirements. In certain situations you may need to hold additional degrees or general education in chemistry or another related field.

Some other nutritional science careers that would appeal to you in this interest field are food chemist, microbiologist, pharmaceutical researcher, or flavor chemist.

Realistic Interests

A realistic interest is considered to be an interest in the world around you. For example if you like working with animals and nature you’re considered to have realistic interests.

One of the most popular jobs in nutritional science in this interest field is sports nutritionist. This is similar to a dietician but your clients will more likely be looking for different help than a clinical dietician’s patients. For instance, athletes frequent sports nutritionists to see what they can do to boost their endurance from a nutritional standpoint. You can build diets for your clients in order to help them get the results they’re searching for.

Other careers that might be interesting to you are pet nutritionists, camp cooks, and pet food and treat sales.

Creative Interests

For those of you that find more interests in creative or artistic interests you may benefit from a job that incorporates your imagination and creativity. These jobs might be harder to come by and might not have the same benefits of the other more technical jobs, but if you prefer unstructured work styles and enjoy being artistic in some way, consider jobs in this field of interest.

One of the career options available here is that of a nutrition journalist. In this job you can write articles for magazines, newspapers, websites, or other platforms about nutrition, health trends, diet plans, and similar subjects. For example, the previous posts on deal with health and wellness from a nutritional angle. An article on the website, about how metabolism works and what it does, is an example of the type of articles you can produce by becoming a nutrition journalist.

If this job doesn’t appeal to your creative interest you can look into becoming a chef, a cookbook writer, or even a cookbook illustrator.


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