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I am looking for a serious brewing partner who specialize in German beers. I am working on perfecting a Franconian Hefeweizen beer from the Bayern region of Southern Germany. There are hundreds of recipes for Hefeweizen beer but not one comes close to the real thing. The imported Hefeweizen is not a true Hefeweizen, the yeast is removed, flash pasteurization and bottling CO2 is reduced which changes the whole profile. I started brew a year ago. I have spent hundreds of hours learning German style brewing, reading German brewing sites, companies, etc., wheat beer literature books, chemistry and other brewers. I spent 2 years in Southern Germany. My wife and I traveled back to Germany in 2011 and I went back in 2013. I fell in love with Hefeweizen over the years but could not find it anywhere in the states, since we make wine, I thought maybe I could make beer. Wow, I am really getting an education how hard it is to make a true Hefeweizen or least in the process of finding out if I can make it. My latest batch which was brewed two weeks ago may be ready in 6 weeks. The process I am working on is not done by anyone, or at least no one has ever heard of such a process. If we perfect it, it will be more than just a hobby. Contact me by email or phone if you have the same passion and who wants to do more than just a hobby. I will be starting a Nanobrewery in Holland this spring/summer.
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posted: 2015-01-11 11:34am

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