Mistakes do happen: Physicians Need Coverage

According to various statistics over 100,000 people out of the hundreds of millions of people treated die every year from medical mal practice. In the scheme of the number of people treated and the number of physicians in the United States this is a very small number, making the risk of mal practice on the part of your physician low.

Many people think of medical mal practice insurance as a means of a payout when they do end up pursuing a mal practice suit against a physician or other care professional. This is partially the case; the reality is it is meant to pay out in such cases. The reality is physicians and health care professionals hold mal practice insurance to protect their patients, and themselves. Like a good driver who ends up in an accident, even a good medical professional can make a mistake.

Be Sure to Ask

Before beginning care or treatment at a clinic, or hospital be sure to ask about the medical malpractice insurance, which is held by the doctor, hospital or clinic. In the event something does go wrong this insurance is the peace of mind for your family.

In reality when you ask many professionals will look at you in a rather funny way. Like the general public, medical professionals have come to view medical mal practice insurance.

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Don’t Risk your Financial Security

Physicians and patients alike are guilty of misunderstanding the system of medical malpractice insurance and its role in the American health care system. If you are a physician who has been operating without insurance or insurance, which is not perfect contact, companies like Arthur J. Gallagher and inquire about their solutions to help protect you, your family and its financial well being, and your patients.

Large Payouts

A large payout is often needed to cover the cost of care as the result of an incident of medical malpractice. In the case a physician is uninsured the ability to collect such a judgment, needed to pay for care is in doubt. These large payouts continue to rise, as the cost of ancillary rehabilitation care for those victims of medical malpractice continues to rise. The number of “super losses” is currently on the rise.


Risk is Low

As a patient the risk of actually ending up in a situation where you are the victim of medical malpractice is relatively low. However, high profile cases like that of Joan Rivers remind us that these incidents do still occur and without warning. As the old saying goes it is better to be safe than sorry.


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