Have you committed a crime against food?

We see it every day in supermarkets around the world. It is a crime against food and good sense, which goes mostly unnoticed and unreported. It is a crime, which you have probably committed at one time or another in hurry, or when there were no other available options.

What crime are we talking about?

The crime of buying cheap dried Pasta, if one even dares to call it pasta in the first place.

There is no substitute for authentic Italian or homemade pasta. You can be forgiven for choosing not to make your own pasta. It is a rather time intensive process which can last an hour, or longer depending your or experience level. However, if you would like to try it only contains flower, egg, and oil.

Italian Vs Dry

Sure some untrained mouths will say it all tastes the same and ask, “What is the difference between Italian Pasta and dried pasta other than the price?” First, anyone who asks this question must have a stomach of steel, because the first sign should have been the indigestion. Most cheap dried pastas are made quickly with extra gluten added to make the dough work well, and as further proof consumption should be avoided stays good for three years or more. 

The reality is many industrial types of pasta are made quickly with eggs, and cheap wheat. This leads to clumping and that gummy goo which is found in the pot surrounding the noodles after cooking.

Italian dried pasta made by non-industrial means is created using high quality durum wheat and bronze plated presses, instead of Teflon. It is also slow dried which allows the water to evaporate slowly. This leads to one of the major differences; true Italian pasta sticks to the sauce because it is not smooth. The cheaper industrial variety made using cheap wheat and Teflon does not adhere to the sauce.

Authentic Recipes Also Important

Equally important to ensuring a high quality pasta experience is authentic recipes. True Italian pasta sauces are made using a host of natural and authentic ingredients, including homemade sauces. This includes the use of high-end meats, vegetables, and wines.

Tradition usually dictates smooth sauces are used when serving longer pasta noodles. Shorter smaller noodles with crevices typically have thick meaty sauces with large chunks of vegetables. There are also a number of recipes and simple dishes you should learn to cook if you want to make pasta the Italian way.

Creating the Experience

Eating and making good food is one of life’s great pleasures. The reality is in order to create an authentic Italian experience; you need to use authentic ingredients like Italian dried pasta. Not only will it enhance the flavour and the overall dining experience, it will have your guests talking about your great dinner for years to come. And it will not hurt that neither you nor your guests will be suffering from indigestion caused by gummy, awful cheap dried pasta.


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