Trouble Sleeping, started Cut

So typically during summer months here in NJ I cycle a lot, once I am on this routine I have actually complications when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. This does not occur year round, it’s clear on days that consist of Cardio and a little much less on days I do weights, when I initially fall asleep I am in DEEP sleep yet need to something occur that I wake up, I have actually an awful hard time falling asleep again, I am basically WIDE awake yet my body feels exhausted, it’s pretty frustrating! 😡 😡

This week I started my cut, I’m following the Body for Life plan, Resistance training and Cardio. Already after my 2nd cardio day I woke up an hour into my sleep and was up for hours only to get about 4 hours total sleep last night and I am hurting today from it.

Just curious if any others have actually this occur to them or just what the cause could be? My diet is clean, I am eating enough, no alcohol, only taking Fish oils, Jointflex, Multi, plenty of water, etc…

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