Medical Advancements and You

For everything from stethoscopes to exam tables, ventilators to gloves, a reliable medical equipment company will provide your doctor with the tools that they need to diagnose and treat a variety of problems. However, this equipment is so crucial to diagnosing and treating chronic illnesses like cancer that you as a patient should try to stay informed about the basics and the exciting new advances happening in the medical industry.

Understanding the equipment your doctor uses and staying up to date yourself on what’s most recently become available is an important part of successful examinations.

Every day there are new advances cropping up in the medical industry, and staying on top of what’s new is a great way to open up dialogues with your doctor about your specific treatment plan.

Early Detection and Your Clothes

Some of the newer equipment that is currently in development might even seem like science fiction. Recently, Medical News Today reported on a special fabric being developed with highly advanced sensors that can monitor aspects of the body. Brain activity, heartbeat, and spatial coordinates can all be detected by these sensors when they are in contact with the skin. The sensors are also designed to then wirelessly report back to computers for analysis, paving the way for specialized clothing that helps to predict serious illness well in advance or better monitor the vital signs of people in dangerous situations.

For firemen, elderly people living alone, and anyone suffering from chronic disease, a technological breakthrough like this has the potential to change their routines and stress over sudden medical emergencies.

 Medical Advancements and You can be beneficial

Advances for Cancer Treatment

Even more exciting for anyone battling cancer, and perhaps more plausible than a sweater that can monitor your condition, are recent breakthroughs using mice. CBS news is reporting on a private lab that is experimenting with “personalized cancer treatment”.

Scientists give mice the specific cancer affecting a patient, and then try several kinds of chemotherapy to determine which will work best before the patient ever has their first treatment. So far studies have shown these methods to be effective, but they do remain expensive.

Working with Your Doctor

Of course, technologies like these are a long way off from being regularly used by everyday individuals. I’ve also previously written about the importance of the medical team operating equipment rather than the equipment itself, especially when it comes to radiology and diagnosis. But, that doesn’t mean these exciting possibilities should be ignored.

Talking about the future of medical gear is a great way to start thinking about what equipment is currently available and accessible that can help you to better monitor your own condition or explore all avenues of treatment.

With advice from your doctor, you might decide to acquire your own medical equipment to keep track blood pressure or respiratory ailments to give you better peace of mind. You also could discuss the potential for alternative treatments that hadn’t been considered yet. Keeping an eye on what’s next is a great way to take advantage of what’s currently available and get greater control over your situation.


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