Cycling for Weak Knees

Dear All

As a kid, I had a passion for cycling and rode my bike here and there whenever I could until adolescence. It wasn’t until college days that my passion was back, I started to use a stationary bike. Sadly I created a knee injure from cycling that took around three years of knee stability and physiotherapy sessions until full recovery.

It is almost seven years since my recovery from knee injure, I started to exercise using various cardiovascular machines elliptical, treadmill, stepper and weight training exercises for legs without any trouble along with my knees. I decided to go back to "one-forbidden machine" stationary bikes, there were few along with different seat/paddle position, my selection was for regular bike: high seat, reasonable paddle position, to decrease potential stress from flexing knees. I start to cycle at rather reasonable speed for 20 minutes for two weeks. Suddenly, my knees injury manifested again in a mild-to-moderate form (see my journal:…&postcount=221).

I have actually taken measure since my knee injury manifested again:
1) I used high dosage of glucosamine sulphate (500 grams before exercise, 500 grams after exercise, 1000 gram before bed).
2) I used MSM (1000 grams in morning, 1000 grams before bed)
3) I used fish oil (1000 grams before bed) and flaxseed (1000 grams in morning).
4) I stopped all my moderate intensity exercise and focus on reasonable intensity exercise, I no longer use the stationary bike.
5) I started knee stability exercises for few weeks until it disappeared as of 31/12/2014.

I know I can take the "easy rode" and avoid stationary bike/cycling all with each other or I chance I can get a solid advise from a person in similar position on how to cycle safely when you have actually weak knees.

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