PhillyDude’s 2015

Brand-new Year, Brand-new Journal… it’s just what all the cool kids will be doing anyway.

I’m going to post my quarterly goals here, and then update daily along with my stats, workouts, and nutrition. There will additionally be a little bit of personal stuff, a photo or two, and random pictures of cats from the internet (just kidding about that last one). One of the bigger things I am going to try and do is start a YouTube channel in the next few weeks, and I will post those videos to this journal as well.

Workout Goals: I am going to do the BodyBeast program for thirteen weeks, starting on Monday January 5th and ending on Sunday April 5th. I will be lifting four days per week, and not doing any additional planned endurance (cardio) activities. The workouts will take place at the Ultimate Fitness Lifestyles Center for Personal Development, and will include supplementation as directed by the program guidelines.

Nutrition Goals: I am going to consume an standard of 3000 calories per day along with 50% C / 25% P / 25% F ratios. Ideally, this will be six meals daily, comprised of clean foods from a predetermined list. I am allowing one reward meal per week, and have actually additionally produced a comparable meal plan which is comprised of readily available restaurant foods, which I may substitute one day per week if wanted/needed.

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