ISO-New Years Team (Grand Rapids)

Hi, 36yo male; going out on a long probably really wobbly limb here..heh, -But I’m Looking for something to do on Brand-new Year’s Eve!(I know what a surprise right!:-P),anyway looking to meet-up/hang along with some fun, chill, and relaxed, ‘mostly sane, constant people’; to hang out along with on Brand-new Year’s Eve..I don’t care about age ranges, or what we do as long as it rings in the year along with good company, and positive good cheer. No expectations behind hanging out of course(from either end), I’m just a bit reasonable on consistent income this year, and I’m fairly Brand-new to the G.R area(been here since last August)and I know only like 2 people here, but..yet still looking for a affordable way to celebrate!.

Now I’ve tried posting similar ads in the past on cl-‘personals-strictly platonic’ before, along with little to zero adequate responses in most cases?, so I decided to try the next most logical place ‘community-activity partners’

Anyway throw some ideas at me, If you want to hang-out, or just tell me what you plan to do tonight(If you would certainly likewise like to invite me as well).. I do have actually my own transportation to drive somewhere(with-in reason), but not enough space to cart lots of people around, and I don’t want to be driving in a really impaired state. So along with that in mind, If extended drinking is involved that’s fine(mostly expected) just so I can taxi back, and have actually somewhere to park for the night.

Thanks, for any serious responses, and for reading/considering including me!

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