A Personal Investment (Greater Grand Rapids )

I am need a person who is able and willing to invest in my family and I. For the past 12 years we have actually been engulfed by a financial Tsunami. I take full responsibility and accountability as a husband and a father. My ignorance, pride and lack of discipline prohibited me from having a plan for my family. I stand here up to my eyeballs in debt ready to loose my residence and my utilities in disconnection status. I have actually searched high and reduced for help from state and local agencies only to have actually them evaluate my income without care for the outcome and deny my need for assistance. I am not bitter but fairly humbled and now determined for the first time in my life to change this condition.

I reached out to a radio host named Dave Ramsey and by the grace of God he is sponsoring my wife and I to take the 9 week financial peace class. Though it’s just in time for the brand-new year it is NOT a brand-new Year’s resolution. It is a do or die solution. My marriage is suffering from this and so is my health.

I have actually a heart defect and in need of surgery but I refuse to undergo the risk without first at least TRYING to place my family in a better position. I need to find and connect along with somebody who can loan/give/invest at least $7000.00 to help me keep and stablize my residence and family. I some what feel brazenly crazy to think that there is a chance of somebody being able and willing to do this but my faith has actually and is overwhelming the elements of doubt that try to nag at my heart. I know that the brand-new plan along with Mr. Ramsey does not advocate acquiring debt but I have actually to do something to prevent homelessness. I look to this as being the last time and I will repay this through our debt snowball. I am not looking to scam anyone or be scammed. I will be fairly watchful of all the tricks of the trade that domestic and global criminals use to take advantage of people in dire straights. NO TEXT MESSAGES PLEASE. I can be reached at 616-259-zero two one two. Thank you

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