Going to the Gym as Part of Your Recovery Plan

There are lots of studies and personal stories that tell us that exercise while in recovery from cancer can not only help you get stronger faster, but can also reduce the risk of cancer making a comeback. Obviously these things are very much down to individual circumstances, and not everybody will respond in the same way, but if you are well enough to get some exercise, there are no real downsides to doing it.

Of course, if you have been undergoing treatment for some time, regardless of how fit you were before you began your course, there are probably some reservations you have about starting to work out again now that you are in a recovery stage. Here, we take a look at how you can ease yourself into a workout regimen that will help build your strength and confidence, and also lift your mood and bust stress.

Talk to the Experts

Aside from you, the only people who really understand your individual cancer treatment are your doctors and nurses, and often, they are able to discuss with you the prospect of you starting to exercise regularly and make some recommendations as to what you should be doing (for example cardio versus strength building) in your own physical situation. Most of the time, cancer doctors are well versed not only in treating cancer but in the kind of things that can help someone best recover, and so they may have some ideas about how you can best use exercise in your own unique circumstances.

As well as your doctors, you can also talk to personal trainers. Most quality gyms, such as www.thefitnessmosaic.com, will have personal trainers on their staff. These professionals aren’t just there to help people who want to lose weight or build massive muscles, they are also there to help any members with specific fitness or health goals. They can work with you and your doctors’ suggestions to put together a workout regime that will ensure you get the exercise you need to experience the many health benefits, without putting too much strain on yourself or hurting parts of your body where you have had surgery recently.

Build Confidence

The idea of trying anything physical, much less in a public space like a gym, may be frightening when you have been through some times when you have felt very physically weak as a result of chemo. There is no real way to get over this except to take the bull by the horns and begin training. You will begin to notice changes in your body and the strength you can command very quickly, in just a couple of weeks for some patients, and this is sure to give you a good confidence boost as you see yourself returning to your former level of strength and wellbeing.

Recovering from cancer and its treatment is a long road, and there is no solution that works for everyone. However, taking up some regular exercise under the right supervision can make a big difference in most cases.


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