4 Essential Things You need to Consider about Your Masseur

Being told that you have cancer is one of the worst pieces of news anybody could receive, and the stress that it can cause to the recipient could send them into spirals of depression. However, according to the American Massage Society, studies have shown that undergoing massage treatment is beneficial for cancer patients; especially for relieving stress and promoting well-being. In fact, many cancer centres and clinics use massage as part of their treatment, and using a private masseur at home is advisable too. Choosing the right masseur is vital though, so here are a few things you should be considering.


As with anything related to health, you should only be using a licensed practitioner. On your initial contact make sure that you ask about their licensing, and which particular board has granted the license. Though a license from Kazakhstan could be valid, checking on it could be very difficult. Once you have any license details ring the people who granted the license, and if you have any doubts, look them up on the internet or contact a different masseur.


If your masseur arrives at your home carrying a bottle of baby oil and nothing else, you should probably not let him into your home. Equipment for a home massage may not be complicated, but owning something similar to the portable massage tables by therapyessentials.co.uk is the minimum you should expect from home massage practitioners. They should also have a home massage kit that would include things like: essential oils, towels, a razor, and even a selection of music to play. Being prepared is the secret to many quality professionals, and is something you should look for in your choice.


Any masseur that deserves to be working for you will have built up a portfolio for you to look at. They will also have references that you can check and, preferably, affiliations with hospitals, treatment centres, or health clinics. Obviously, as with the license, you should ask for checkable references, and you should make sure that you contact as many as you can to make sure they live up to the glowing portfolio they (should) have. If your potential masseur has no references for you to check, or if they seem suspect, you should, once again, continue your search.


Experience of working with cancer sufferers previously will definitely help your masseur as well as your loved one. Some masseurs actually find working with cancer patients distressing, so finding a masseur who has worked with a sufferer for a long time will mean not having to replace him or her if your loved one’s condition deteriorates. A referral from a doctor or clinic is often the best way to find masseurs with experience, so don’t be afraid to ask at the first opportunity.

You expect the best care for your loved one in hospital, and expecting anything less at home seems unthinkable. If you are considering some home massage treatment to try to alleviate pain, stress, or just to help your loved one feel more relaxed, these tips should help you find the perfect masseur to help you.


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