Bob T – Back for more, (or less) – Journal III

OK…here I am…again! :doh:

Joined back in 2011 when I reached a couple pound shy of 200 lbs, at 5′ 7".:nono:
Had good victory for rather a while. Lost over 30 lbs, got stronger, felt better…
See my very first journal here

Had a relapse and a second journal…helped some, yet didn’t stick along with it.

So now a rough summer, plus some family issues, pushed me into extra calorie land…:o And now I am back at 180 lbs, give or take. Monday I started counting calories again, opened up my food log, and this weekend the weights come back out.:tucool:

I am setting a goal of 165 by the start of February…

Besides….I skip all you guys and gals….:nod:

Bob T.

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