Phoenix Rising

Brand-new life, Brand-new start, Brand-new thread. I am living in a great apartment, have actually a great partnership along with my daughter, I’m doing well at work, have actually expanded my network of friends, and I’ve rebuilt my body. Along along with the Brand-new body, I’ve got Brand-new confidence, more energy than ever, and I’m dating an enjoying life. In short, I’ve never been better!

Actually, I just tore my achilles tendon and had to have actually surgery, but I am still good. Turns out the antibiotic Cipro causes tendon ruptures, and I’ve had 4 tendon ruptures while on Cipro. It’s all good, cast is off and I am in a walking boot and keeping in shape.

The old me after recovering from a torn bicep:
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And after numerous hard work, attention to diet, and a reasonable amount of Crossfit.
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