Fat Loss with Shoulder Injury

Hi All,

I am effectively a newbie to weight training and fat loss (again). I’ve done it before, where I lost over 100lbs and was a cardio freak (about 10 years ago).

Well I’m about 40lbs plus off where I want to be (was more than 50 but have actually lost 12lbs in the past 4 weeks). I rejoined a gym a few weeks ago, and have actually done some Concept 2 (erg rower) work just to blow the cobwebs off.

However, as I’m always in calorie deficit (which I’m finding remarkably easy – stay off the cheese, bread, chocolate and normal portion sizes) what I want to do is minimize any lean body mass loss, which means keeping a strict diet and lifting hard along with compound exercises.

Now the problem….

Last year I pulled a tendon in my shoulder so badly a piece of bone (miniscule) came off along with part of the tendon. An MRI shows this along with water around it, but the consultant would certainly prefer not to operate due to it being difficult to get to and would certainly make more trauma on the muscle tissue.

This meant I joined acute pain really only putting on shirts or coats, due to the shoulder twisting action, but over the year it’s subsided to a dull ache when I do that.

So obviously compound exercises utilize shoulders, so I’m wondering if the weight gets too much for the shoulder what is finest to do? Noting my aversion to losing lean body mass whilst losing fat (on that topic, as I’m carrying about 40 plus lbs of lard in a "body suit" I’d prefer to keep them very than lose them) and if the weights get too much for it do I lower the weight, do more reps, and potentially smaller time periods between sets? Will that have actually the same effect on exhausting the muscles and keeping them during calorie deficit, or are there other ideas?

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