fat to fit to fat to floundering… time to make it stop!

Hey y’all! Guess who’s back 😀

I’m struggling big time, so I believed I’d return to exactly what I know works 😉

Means back in 2008 (it’s been 6 years already :doh:) I was at 205 and miserable. In 2010 I got down to 165 and joined the most effective shape of my life. Now it’s 2014, I’m back up to 195 and I feel miserable.

I’ve tried to re-engage several times, yet end up not maintaining traction. I’ve got a lot of excuses, yet ultimately, I’m tired of the excuses and ready for results.

So… back to the journal :nod: and this time I’m not letting my excuses get in the Means :nope:

Here we go! :bb:

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