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Hello we have actually started a Larpcraft Colony(chapter) here in west Michigan and are looking for brand-new members.
The Darkmor Colony is a larp group of Larpcraft here in west Michigan, We use Larpcraft’s Myths & Legends Medieval Fantasy System.
LarpCraft is the ultimate “choose your own adventure” when it comes to roleplay. Your stories, costumes, roleplay, professions and skills are just as important as your combat abilities. To equalize the game, everything in our system has actually strengths and weaknesses. You’re not going to find a super race or class that beats out all others. The races, classes professions, magic, armor etc. were carefully designed to have actually both strengths and weaknesses. Abilities are vast and will truly make your character unique.
In LarpCraft you can fight, trade, craft, vend, cook, be a quest giver, NPC (Non-profiled character), be on a plot line and so numerous other things. Honestly, the game ideas are nearly endless. Our rules are centered on safety and skill building so they are easy to learn. We want building a character to be the most enjoyable thing you can do. We know that no two locations or groups are alike, and we encourage diversity and the freedom to make your games unique. Some will like to battle, some will enjoy politics, feasting and crafting, others will simply come to be with friends.

Whether you’re starting from scratch or an experienced player, LarpCraft will help you feel right at home.

We’re always looking for brand-new faces to come out and join us! We just like to have actually a good time and enjoy every aspect of larp. Come make brand-new friends, find brand-new adventures, learn brand-new skills and explore the Region of Darkmor. and

Even if you already belong to another larp group/system we would certainly like to talk, we like to bring the larp community together with things like NPC volunteering, Prop lending, use of game areas, etc…

Ages 13yo and older.under 18yo must sign waiver.

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