going to gym more than 6 months, progress stopped

Hello everyone!

Just a quick introduction. I’m male, 27, 189 cm tall, weight of 102kg. A bit over normal weight, but I’m currently putting on muscle mass.

I’ve been visiting the gym for the past 6 months and my progress was steady. I added a bit of weight on top for each exercise every 2 weeks. I was doing full body workout for 4 months and after that I’ve switched to lower / upper split.
Currently I do my trainings like this:
Monday – chest and triceps
Tuesday – back and biceps
Wednesday – shoulder and triceps
Thursday – legs, abs and biceps
Friday – Sunday = rest.

I progress at most of my exercises, yet at bench press and squat my progress is completely stopped.
Do you have actually any idea as to why? I realize that progress cannot be constant forever and that at some point progress will stop – but after only 6 months?? I don’t believe that’s my case….
What am I doing wrong?
I am eating a lot of calories – my BMR is 2225 calories (I used this handy BMR calculator http://healthiack.com/bmr-calculator) and I eat well above 3000 calories per day having 5 meals. Do you think I must be consuming even more calories? Chest and legs are rather big muscles and I imagine they burn several calories? What calorie intake do you recommend?
Maybe I am over-training? must I reduce the amount of trainings per week or introduce a 1 day pause between workout days? But I am splitting my trainings to avoid muscle exausthion.

Please advice me on how to proceed as this current situation is not encouraging at all.

Thanks all.

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