Sustainable Fashion Trends

These days, more people are waking up to the fact that the way they’ve been living isn’t sustainable. Without a healthy environment, humans can’t expect to lead healthy, happy lives either, which is why so numerous businesspeople are taking steps to produce products that are eco-friendly. And more consumers also purchase products that are made of sustainable materials.

Even though you’ve probably already heard of sustainable items that you can use in the business world and around the house, you may not have heard of sustainable fashion. But, thankfully, the fashion world is also taking a step in the right direction and thinking about the environment. Continue reading for a few of the latest sustainable fashion trends you can support.

Recycling, Reusing, and Old Clothes

How to look like a ladyHow to look like a ladyUsed clothing is often thrown away without a second thought, only to end up in landfills. In fact, only 15% of the 13 million tons of clothes and textiles discarded annually is actually recycled. The materials that are recycled, though, are transformed into everyday items, such as rags. They can even be broken down so that the fibres themselves can be reused in a sustainable manner rather than having to acquire raw materials.

One of the more recent trends is to use materials that have been recycled to create clothing that is fashionable enough for lounging, going to school, celebrating, and working. Check out clothing that is made from recycled plastic and cotton or other upcycled materials.

Sustainable Sunglasses

Yet another fashion trend in the world of those who are eco-friendly and always in search of sustainable products is recycled sunglasses. With so numerous great styles to choose from, you can even find frames that look like designer Ray Ban sunglasses but are better for the planet because they’re made of sustainable materials. Plus, these frames aren’t just made of recycled materials, they’re also stylish, flexible, waterproof, and polarised so you can protect your eyes while looking fabulous.

Eco-Friendly Shoes

In addition to sustainable clothing and accessories, you can also find eco-friendly shoes. Even large companies like Timberland are jumping aboard the eco-friendly bandwagon with its Earthkeepers Collection, which uses a combination of recycled, organic, and renewable materials to make stylish, durable shoes. These shoes contain everything from faux animal skins/furs to recycled plastic, and the ultimate goal is to reduce the need for raw materials while using what’s already out there to make something brand new.

Bags and Jewellery

For a truly unique look, check out the numerous forms of eco-friendly jewellery available. This is usually made of materials that have been saved from landfills and transformed into elegant and everyday pieces you can use to accessorise your look. Women can also find a variety of stylish bags that are made from recycled materials, such as plastic.

Thanks to strides created by eco-friendly businesses across a variety of industries, including the fashion world, more consumers have access to sustainable products around the world. This means you can look great while feeling good about your impact upon the environment.

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