Horseback Riding Lessons (Lawton)

Looking to gain experience as a riding instructor by offering free lessons to a limited number of students.

Willing to travel to you within reason; preferably no more than 30 minutes from Lawton. Or, you may use my horse(s).

I place an emphasis on proper horsemanship, safety, and developing a strong foundation from which you can transition to any discipline. A good, classical foundation is the same for any discipline: from reining to jumping. My experience is primarily huntseat and dressage. I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have actually about my own experience. I do feel one never knows “enough” and continually seek to further my knowledge, and have actually had nearly two decades of riding instruction myself.

For safety reasons, children should be age 8 or older and on a suitable mount. I will require anyone riding my horse(s) to wear a helmet while mounted and have actually on proper attire to include boots.

This would certainly be ideal for anyone who has actually always wanted to take riding lessons, yet has actually not been able to afford an instructor, or for somebody who has actually never had much in the way of formal lessons and would certainly like to expand their knowledge. I certainly don’t know everything, yet I’m happy to share what I do know!

Please email me for more information.

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