Advice for ITB syndrome issue?

I’ve been riding fairly progressively for the past 8 months and have actually only had one problem along with my right knee during this time. At the time I had merely started using clip in’s and an adjustment of the cleat position solved that problem. Recently, I finding that my IT band on my left leg is bothering me during my rides. It hasn’t been too painful however it has actually been affecting my performance. I’m finding the area to be a little sore like a bruise for a day or so following the ride.

Nothing has actually changed in my bike setup or my shoes/cleats and I’m riding about the same distances and routes each time. So, I can’t figure out why this has actually come up now? A friend suggested that I probably merely need to get that leg in shape because I took a couple of weeks off at the beginning of Sept while traveling overseas so I’m wondering if that’s the reason?

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