Leaders needed to build a beautiful Community (grand rapids)

Jesus called me to build His Church. I have actually planted more than 100+ churches around the world, and USA. If you want to partner voluntarily to build this brand-new church here in Gard Rapids, MI it will be great.

Our Church name: “Living Church of Jesus”
Denomination: Only Jesus.
Organization name: Heaven For You, Inc.

We will offer several services:
1. Healing and restoration service (Saturday)
2. Evangelism service (Friday)
4. Prayer service {worshiping in the Spirit} (Sunday, 8:00 am)
5. Worship service (Sunday 10:30 am)
6. Life Application service {Holy Fire & Spirit} (Sunday 6:00 pm)
7. Pastoral counseling service (Wednesday 6:00 pm)

We will offer more services for the whole week. I am going to lead all of the leaders. We are offering this brand-new church leadership positions along with all areas. If you love Jesus and want to serve Your man please send me your Resume along with a nice Cover Letter where you have actually to mention why and how you want to serve him.

I will not see your past, and even present, yet I will see your vision and chance in Christ. No judgment at all yet will cover by love in Christ; will receive you as you are. I will ordain you in the right time (hearing and obeying Him) if you are really committed to serve LORD Jesus. No pay now, yet after ordination we will. We will talk at the time of interview how much we are going to pay you.

You can communicate along with me by phone, text or email. God bless you. Take care.

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