The Best Whey Protein for Weight Loss

There is a wide variety of weight loss products available in the market today and whey protein is one of them. It is therefore important that you understand which the best whey protein for weight loss is otherwise you may find yourself in a tricky situation.

It is advisable to have careful look at the ingredients so as to get the quality whey protein. Always avoid the products that are filled with artificial flavorings and sweeteners.

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Whey Protein

Whey protein is extracted from milk and there are two ways in which it can be separated from it.

Whey is the liquid that remains when the milk solids are taken out to make cheese. When you filter and dry this liquid, you will get whey protein concentrate that contains between 29 to 89 percent of protein as well as some fats and lactose. If you further process this whey before drying it so that everything is filtered out, what will remain is the whey protein isolate (with 90% or more of proteins).

The whey protein isolate is purer than any other form since it does not have fats & lactose and is therefore more expensive.

Calorie Content

There are two types of whey protein i.e.; a weight gainer formula and a strict protein supplement. It is very important that you carefully read the label before buying it.

The weight gainer type has more than 2000 calories per serving and you will find that most of them have high levels of fats. Therefore make sure that you have a careful look at the product or otherwise you will have opposite results of what you expected.

For weight loss, go for the product that has the lowest calorie content. You will find that there are those who have as low as 100 calories per serving but avoid the zero calorie ones.

Which one is the Best?

If you want to effectively loss weight, go for the whey protein isolate because its contents are strictly protein. This type of whey protein has the lowest level of fat and carbohydrate contents.

Note that, you will not be taking in the protein whey powder alone but you will have to mix it with healthy foods or something (which may also add some calories). If you want to completely avoid the fats and the carbs, you can mix the protein powder with water although many people prefer to mix it with milk or with juice.

It’s Taste

The protein powder can only be effective if you take it in liquid form and you will definitely skip it if you hate its taste. It however comes in a wide variety of flavors of many protein supplements and therefore you can try the many varieties to find one that you will like.

You will even be surprised to find that one brand of cream & strawberry is not similar in taste to another brand. Therefore check the different brands and you will get the one with a taste that you like.

You can take the whey protein either in the morning, evening or even at night as a meal replacement and it will help you keep full for a long time hence you will achieve you goal to lose weight.


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