Entry Level Bike Tires / Tubes

So, my bike came along with Kenda K152 700x25c tires. My rear tire hasn’t really held its air since I bought it, which was earlier in the summer. (Probably must have actually made a claim.) After a good pump, it would certainly typically stay inflated for the length of my bike ride and then be deflated the next day. I continued riding it this way up until yesterday when I realized it was severely deflated 8 miles out from my house.

I was thinking about upgrading the tires to some Continental Ultra Gatorskins. Does it matter what brand of tubes I get for the bike? I assume the problem is actually along with the inner tube. Mainly I would certainly like them to last a while and not cost me too much given the reasonable mileage I put on my bike currently (about 10-25 miles / day around town for my aerobic health).

Any suggestions?

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