Wondering about ephedrine?

I am trying to lose belly fat. I am not overall rather fat and the last time I measured my body fat using hydrostatic testing http://www.fitnesswave.com/portal/po…ces/underwater I measured at 9%(I probably believe I am at 12% since I don’t see a 6 pack). I want to get under 8% and was wondering if I must use an EC stack http://www.hotnfit.com/ecstack . I eat about 3000 calories a day and play about 10 hours of volleyball a week(4 days) in addition to 5 hours of exercise in the gym. I have actually a shoulder injury that has actually been preventing me from doing upper body exercises for the past year and I usually do HIIT(30 mins) followed by ab or leg exercises. A EC stack is not recommended before a HIIT so must I think of alternatives?

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