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I am getting interested in using a trainer this winter to keep up along with my biking and exercising. I have actually read all John’s posts on this topic. I like the idea of using using a TrainerRoad (~$10/mo) type exercise program to make things interesting. My question is just what is all the equipment called for (and specific recommendations for equipment) to make it all work? My rough calculations are it is going to be expensive :-). So far:

Kurt Kinect Fluid Trainer ~$350
+ Floor Mat $50
+ Riser Ring $25
+ Laptop (have)
+ iPhone (do I need?)

I probably do not want to spend on a real power meter, so it appears I can use TrainerRoad’s virtual power meter:
+ Wahoo Fitness Speed & Cadence Sensor for iPhone ~$40
+ Ant USB stick ~$40
+ Anything else?

Or I can use the KINETIC inRIDE WATT METER ($160)?
– just what other equipment is needed?
– Will certainly I be able to get this data into TrainerRoad, or only in the Kinetic app?

Any help or insights would certainly be appreciated!


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