The basis for an Integrated Approach in Yoga Therapy


The basis for an integrated approach for Yoga Therapy rooted in Upanishads and Yoga texts is presented in this report. After presenting a general classification of ailments, the science of psychosomatic diseases is described.

The origin of diseases at Manomaya Kosa (a subtle sheath of our existence) percolates to the gross physical frame through Pranayama Kosa in which disturbances in the flow of Prana and instability of the Nadis are caused.

The integrated approach is to harmonise and calm down the disturbances at all these levels by Kriyas, Physical exercises, Asanas, Breathing and Pranayama, Meditation and Devotional session, Analysis and Jnana Yoga.

The results of this approach presented elsewhere has shown promising implicational value.


Yoga is becoming popular in different parts of the world. For the restless mind it gives solace. 1 For the sick, it is a boon. 2,4,6,25, 18B* For a common man it is the fashion of the day to keep himself fit and beautiful.13 Some use it for developing memory, intelligence and creativity. 1,3 With its multifold advantages it is becoming a part of education.3,16 Specialists use it to unfold deeper layer’s of consciousness in their move towards perfection. 8,14 

Because of its rational basis, the modern medical system has replaced almost all the traditional systems of medicine in different parts of this globe. It has proved itself most effective in saving man from the fatal hands of contagious and infectious diseases.12 However, new widespread. psychosomatic ailments are posing a great challenge to the modern medical system. It is here that Yoga appears to make a vital contribution to the modern medical system. In our earlier report 7 we have presented the basic principles and preliminary results of yoga therapy. In contrast to the different methods of yogic therapy using one 4 or more 6,18B of the yoga practices, we ha used an integral approach in treating various ailments,7 we present in this report the basis of such an approach. 18 An attempt is made to present this basis in tune with the Yoga tradition, culled out from the original texts of Upanishats and Yoga. 18,19

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