Looking to join team for Kentwoods Beginner’s Hockey Leauge (Grand Rapids)

My name is Tyler, I’m looking to join a hockey team for the Kentwood Ice Arena’s Beginner’s Hockey League that starts in October.

I don’t know anyone that plays hockey really and I am looking to join the league on a team.

About me:

I’m really am a beginner. I’m 28 and have actually been skating since November, I started doing the drop in hockey on Sunday mornings at Griff’s Ice Residence in May, I have actually gone most all weeks since then so I am getting a bit of talent of the game, but still quite new. I would certainly love to play on a leauge though and play actual games.

I don’t know what other info you want, I suppose you could ask and I can provide.

If there is a person or some team that needs a user elsewhere, I’m additionally interested elsewhere too.

Thank you

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